Dragonlance Cleric: GoldmoonMore than just a priest, clerics are the chosen of their gods, trained for both piety and battle prowess.  Able to use blunt weapons and heavy armor, they often serve as healers in armies, as well as able to bestow mighty prayers that improve the abilities of their allies.

Notable clerics include Goldmoon and Ariakas.

In-Game Help File:

Clerics are the torches of faith in Krynn, spreading their religion  to all who are willing.  They serve under the direct purpose of the God which they follow, and as such devoted servants are granted a wide variety of spells, mostly of a healing or protective nature.  Clerics can use most forms of armor and will wield only blunt weaponry.  Clerics must be more wise and worldly than average and possess relatively average reason and intellect.