Dragonlance Mage: RaistlinMages are powerful wielders of the arcane art.  Studying arcana and able to weave their knowledge into powerful magics of every variety they are as awesome in power as they are in utility.  With a wide variety of spells at their disposal, they can decimate their foes in short order.

Notable mages include Raistlin, Dalamar and Palin.  Organizations include the Conclave of Wizards and Knights of Takhisis.

In-Game Help File:

Those who study the arts of sorcery, and wield it with impressive results.  Mages are a mysterious sort, often distrusted by those who do not understand the intricacies of magic.  Some of the most powerful men and women from the history of Krynn have been wizards, for good or for evil.  Most mages are members of the Conclave of Wizards, an organization created to promote and protect the use of magic in Ansalon. Renegade wizards are fiercely hunted by these wizards for fear of unleashing the overly dangerous and chaotic forces of magic. Mages must possess above average intellect for the complex formulas and mathematics involved in spell casting, as well as average agility to for the manipulation of spell components and performance of somatic gestures.