Sturm Brightblade, Knight of SolamniaThe knight is an honor-bound warrior that excels at defensive combat.  Wielding a sword and shield, and heavy plate armor, he goes forth in battle shielding his allies while cutting through the ranks of his enemies.

Notable knights are Sturm and Ariaken, and organizations include The Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis.

In-Game Help File:

This is the class of mounted warriors.  This class believes in chivalry and honor.  They are unparalleled in their ability to fight while on horseback and have superior skills while on foot.  They possess no skill for magic however, and if fact distrust it severely.  Knights will use all but the crudest forms of weaponry and armor.  Most Knights enter combat using either a large two-handed weapon, or sword and shield.  Knights must be well rounded in areas both physical and mental.