The quest builder is available for both staff members/builders and players alike. If you'd like to be able to create quests for the MUD, please contact Gicker in-game via the mail command or by talking to him directly. You can also use the 'HELP CONTACT' command in-game to get the admin contact email if you'd prefer to contact Gicker via email.

Please note that we have strict standards for writing quality. Quests will not be approved and added to the game unless the quality meets our standards. Essentially, spelling and grammer must be good, and sentence structure must also be of good quality. Secondly, we will not approve quests that do not follow some kind of sensible story line. And finally, we will not accept quests that are set up simply to provide a quick and easy means of obtaining quest rewards. If we do not approve your quest right away, don't get discouraged, just fix your errors or make the changes we request and we'll get you set up. We simply want to ensure the game is of good quality... we are willing to help and coach contributors as we really want your contributions!

In order to access the quest builder, and apply for access, you'll need to register for an account here on the web site. If you have not yet done so please do before sending an application message to Gicker.

Information needed when sending your application:

  1. In-Game Account Name
  2. Web Site Account Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Any Questions or Comments You Might Have

Please note that all quest material created through our system automaticaly gives Age of Dragons MUD and it's current operator, Gicker, a full and irrevocable license to use the quest material as they see fit. By using the quest builder, you agree to this.